Whether it is importing the best quality sunflower oil from Ukraine, handcrafted carpets from Afghanistan or export of the technologically most advanced machinery from United Kingdom, manufacturing of a new clothing line in India to investing in lucrative opportunities in mining, healthcare, finance, infrastructure and property, London Partners Corporation is your strategic ally to make it all happen. 


The world has seen an explosion in global trade volumes over the past decades. Companies of all sizes from almost every industry are pursuing low-cost-country sourcing strategies with suppliers. London Partners Corporation offers its clients technical and professional advisory services to ensure cross-border import, export and trade transactions are executed with absolute trust, efficiency and peace of mind.

Whether it is the initial contact with the buyers/sellers, or ensuring product quality and quantity assurance to cross border payments, shipment and sale to end user, London Partners Corporation has the experience and personnel to make it happen in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Key services:

  1. Provide resourceful information on the local market and business opportunities by identification and analysis of market-sector combinations which provide opportunities for the client
  2. Monitoring the economic, political, regulatory and legal framework, gathering and analyzing information on developments or changes in policy issues that interest the company across sectors and industries
  3. Advice and guidance on the applicable regulations and procedures for doing business and setting up a company
  4. Identifying opportunities, disseminating information and facilitating initial contact and introduction to contacts
  5. Providing market intelligence and sector overviews by carrying out Surveys within the framework of the Market Approach Program of the Company, track relevant sectors, study target companies and provide support to identify partners
  6. Identify potential customers and their needs, promote client offers, suggest various services adapted to their needs
  7. Organise meetings for closing deals
  8. Initiating and assisting trade promotion activities helping the company to participate in group events (exhibitions, seminars, conferences, business meetings)
  9. Identify, develop and maintain a network of qualified local contacts in companies and governmental offices, business links, leads, counterparts and agents


We specialise in providing practical, innovative and profitable investment advisory services to meet the unique challenges of the today’s complex global economy.

We work with prospective individual investors and companies to help them invest in LOW RISK, ETHICAL AND HIGH RETURN opportunities. We work with you to put together a comprehensive strategy to target the most profitable investment opportunities.

Our closing working relationship from startups to multinationals, and strong focus on public-private partnership when working with governments, allows us to bring the most attractive investment opportunities to our clients.


Foreign investors interested to invest in countries where we operate will be eligible for Entrepreneur and Investor visas. Investors will be able to move to and settle in the countries with their families where they invest. London Partners Corporation will ensure investors are provided complete application and legal support throughout the process.

Our sectors:

• Agriculture
• Aviation
• Banking, finance and insurance
• Construction
• Education
• Food and drink
• Energy
• Healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemical and biotechnology
• Hospitality and tourism
• Import and export
• Information technology and electronics
• Logistics and transportation
• Media
• Machinery and heavy equipment
• Mining and natural resources
• Retail and manufacturing
• Real estate
• Stock market